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Bo'lim arxivlari: Yangiliklar


Namangan is located in the northern edge of the Ferghana Valley. The great river Syrdarya starts in the territory of Namangan. Namangan means salt mines (in Persian “namak kan” – “a salt mine”). In the 17th century after the earthquake the residents of Akhsykent moved the village of Namangan. Namangan became a city afterwards. Nowadays,…



Nukus is a city in western Uzbekistan, the capital of the Republic of Karakalpakstan. It is located near the Aral sea and surrounded by three deserts – the Kara Kum, Kyzyl Kum and Ustyurt. In 2012 Nukus celebrated its 80th anniversary. It is very young, in comparison with thousand-year history of other cities in Uzbekistan….



Urgench is a city in western Uzbekistan. It is the capital of Khorezm region and situated along the Amu Darya River and the Shavat canal. The city should not be confused with the city of Kunya-Urgench («Old Urgench» or «Gurgench») in Turkmenistan. Urgench was founded when the population of Old Urgench, near present-day Kunya-Urgench, moved…

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