Kupkari, also known as Uloq, is one of the traditional games and competitions in Central Asia. As usual, Kupkari is played in spring or autumn seasons. Kupkari is an individual game.

The spectators  come from the whole village and surrounding areas to watch this interesting and sometimes dangerous sport. In the game there are approxi-mately from 100 to 500 partici-pants. A young goat or sheep (calf) is sacrificed and the carcass is thrown in front of the riders. To win the game, the rider must keep the carcass between his knees and saddle and bring it to the finish. Prizes are different such as sheep, cow, camel, watches, carpet, furniture and even automobile.

Horses that take part in Kupkari should be smart and experienced. Today, horse riders teach young people how to feed horses, how to breed them and how to bring them up to become smart horses. It plays a big role in remote villages to raise sons with these values.

Izoh qoldirish

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