Namangan is located in the northern edge of the Ferghana Valley. The great river Syrdarya starts in the territory of Namangan. Namangan means salt mines (in Persian “namak kan” – “a salt mine”). In the 17th century after the earthquake the residents of Akhsykent moved the village of Namangan. Namangan became a city afterwards. Nowadays,  Namangan is a third largest city in Uzbekistan after Tashkent and Samarkand. Namangan has been an important craft and trade centre in the Ferghana Valley since the 17th century. Currently Namangan is mainly a centre for light industry, especially in food. The region is also widely known for its gardens and famous for a national dress made of “Beqasam”  material, a type of silk called atlas and Chust knives, as well as the curative waters of its health resorts. The most popular resort is in the city of Chortoq.

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