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Way up in the sky, in a big, puffy white cloud, the snowflakes gathered, waiting for the blizzard to happen, because their favorite thing to do was to fall from the cloud and blanket the wintry ground below. Tonight’s storm was especially exciting because it was New Year’s Eve. Each snowflake wanted to be the first snowflake of the year.


The group started talking about where they were going to land. The largest snowflake of all was named Sammy. He got to choose first, and then, each in turn, according to their size, chose their targets, until the smallest snowflake had chosen. «I think I will land on that pine tree,» Sammy said, parting the cloud just a little bit to show everyone. «I am the biggest snowflake so I will be the first to fall and land this New Year.»

Some of the other snowflakes didn’t like that idea. They wanted to be the first snowflake. Scotty snowflake asked, «I want to be the first to fall. Why should it be you? I want to land on that blue car, not the pine tree.»

«Well, I want to be the first too,» Seth chimed in.

And so it went. All the snowflakes in the cloud started complaining because they wanted to be first. Soon they were all arguing. Suddenly screams came up from below. The snowflakes stopped and listened as the crowds cheered, «Ten, nine, eight….»

«There’s only a few seconds left until the New Year. If we want to be first, then we’d all better cooperate. Let’s all fall down together,» suggested Shauna snowflake.

«Seven, six…..» the crowds continued.

The snowflakes held hands. Holding tightly to each other, they jumped from the cloud and fell through the sky. «Wheeeeeeee!» they went together.

«Five, four, three, two, one. Happy New Year!» everyone shouted.

As the snowflakes landed on the icy ground, people started banging pots, blowing horns, lighting firecrackers and singing. They lay together in a pile, happy that they were all the first snowflakes of the New Year. «Happy New Year!» Sammy whispered to the others.

  «Happy New Year!»

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