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When you hear about a 12 year-old ruler, you probably think of Zakhiriddin Mukhammad Babur. Babur is one of the greatest figures in the history of Uzbekistan. He was born in 1483 in Andijan. At the age of 12 after the death of his father, he became the new ruler and started a struggle for power in Mawarannahr. When he was still a teenager, Babur participated in so many battles and most of his life he spent in military battles to unite Mawarannahr. He could not succeed in uniting but he achieved his dream in India, where he founded one of the greatest empires. The empire then existed for about 300 years.
Not only a ruler, but also he was a poet, writer, political and military man at the same time. Babur’s rubais still inspire many people even today. Besides rubais he wrote one of the most famous works: “Baburnama”. «Baburnama» is personal letters of Babur, which he has kept throughout his life. «Baburnama” is not only a description of the personal life of Babur, but also a valuable source for studying the history, culture of the peoples, flora and fauna of various areas Babur visited.
Today we proudly say his name and honour his memory. His creative works are a part of the world culture. In his native town Andijan there is a monument to the great ancestor, as well as the House of Babur, which has been preserved to our time.

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